Powerful, Earthy and Sweet - all at the same dang time.  A hush-hush scent that makes you raise an eyebrow, turn your head ever-so-slightly in the direction of the wafting essence and curl up one side of your mouth in a grin.  This custom blend has literally made its way through the Renaissance streets of Harlem, the mosaic corners of Brooklyn, the fields of North Carolina and the VIP sections of Los Angeles.  If you passed a brother and you paused, smirked and warmly turned your head, you asked, "What ARE you wearing?"  His answer: "Nag Champa".


Ready to exude strength, balance and the 'head-nod essence' when you walk in a room?

Your Soul then needs to be Covered in Nag Champa - period.

Nag Champa

Available Sizes
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