Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Lab vs. Garden -

You actually have questions?


In the beginning, there were plants.  Leaves, seeds, flowers, trees.  They withstood the test of time.  They were used to repair, renew and restore the whole body - inside and out.  At some point, as we moved toward additional information, we expanded our knowledge base and thought that different meant better. 

In some cases it does.

Our bodies told us though, over time, that new doesn't always mean it is in harmony with how we began... Remember, everything created at the beginning of time - was good.

Returning to the source of what is good is proving over & over

to be the best. 

Allow SeedsofImani products to return you to the source of Nature's best botanicals - Healing herbs and seeds - to restore you to your powerful place.

Get back to nature -

it is what we are supposed to be doing anyway.


How can a lab design

a better product

for the body than Nature?


100% Designed
for Family-by Family

We Listen - You Win!

SeedsOfImani is a family-owned,

 operated and run business, that designs products with Nature's best ingredients to empower, strengthen and support Nature's best creation - YOU!  


Listening to our clients is key and responding to them is pivotal.  We believe that what is good for the inside of your body should be great for the outside of your body.  We aim to create home, travel and event must-haves with the Earth's choicest ingredients at hand. 


Presenting our Coil Power Icing, a hydrating and empowering daily conditioning and styling staple for naturalistas and those using the L.O.C. method.  Our Soul Cover Collection, rejuvenates and repairs dry and sensitive skin cells, locking moisture in without leaving a heavy residue.  


Need the Family size, Dresser size,

Desk size,Travel size or Pocket size?  

Have an event and want to gift something that is personable, useful, responsive to the environment and whose ingredients can be sourced and identified from Nature and

not a lab?

  Make sure SeedsofImani is in your

'go-to' stash.  

We'll nurture you, with Nature -

from Head to Toe!

Returning the Source -
To the Source

"Let The Circle Be Unbroken"

One of the base ingredients in SeedsofImani's flagship product is Shea Butter from Ghana.  I am a blessed recipient of its bounty and a direct descendant of the land and women who harvest and prepare it for the world to use in a variety of forms.

My goal with SeedsOfImani products is to return a portion of the sales to support education initiatives for children and economic empowerment opportunities

for women. 

Deeply touched by a pilgrimage to Ghana (February 2016),

I was deeply moved to assist the women

I saw selling Shea Butter in the market and the roads, as well as children I saw in schools that needed support.

By returning some seeds into the earth for a new harvest, I believe that putting money back into the community and land that gathers, harvests and produces a multi-use product, that supports and justifies the need of consumers to participate in  economic sustainability, provides environmental support and  ethical consumerism

to continue.  

By this, SeedsofImani seeks to promote the support of businesses of local and international underrepresented communities.

"They gave, so we may have -

I have, and so I must give"

- Doriel Inez (Imani) Larrier

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